Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My missing (in) ACTION COMICS

ACTION COMICS is one of the longest-running series in comics history (surpassed only by its fellow DC comic Detective Comics), with its first issue having a June 1938 cover-date and containing the first appearance of Superman (generally considered to be the first true "superhero," and father of the genre).

That first issue is one of the most valuable comic books ever published, but even many subsequent issues from the 1940s and 1950s sell for many times their original 10-cent cover price.  Issues from the 1960s can sometimes be found for less than $5.00 each, while those from the 1970s-on may occasionally be found in the "cheap bins" at a well-stocked comics shop.

Since I buy most of my comics from the cheap bins, I tend to focus on the more affordable comics, and only have around 30 issues of Action prior to #400 (May 1971) in my collection.  (The issue of Action Comics that came out the month that I was born is #396.)

Here is a list of the issues of ACTION COMICS (including ACTION COMICS WEEKLY) that I'm missing between issues #430 (December 1973) and #675 (March 1992).

I'm thinking that #675 will be my general "jumping-off" point for my Action Comics collection, as the artwork tends to be less to my liking afterwards.  Jackson Guice took over with #676, and while I enjoy most of his other comics, I didn't like his Superman comics as much.  (Incidentally, #684 is the final issue prior to the "Death of Superman" storyline.)  

In a subsequent post, I will list the 1970s-1990s issues of Superman that I'm missing (including Adventures of Superman).




All cover images shown above are taken from the Grand Comics Database website.

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